Google Changed the way ads look in search. If you are targeting your business name as a keyword (in your Google Ads) you could be wasting thousands each month. Let your organic links do the trick. Let's breakdown why.
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Hey guys Marshall here from; wanted to talk today about the new look of Google Ads.


I say new, it's been around for quite a bit; probably a year now; maybe longer than that. As they change their look, as they make ads look more "organic", meaning they look just like a normal search result that comes up if you're looking for a local business, You might be spending more and more on clicks from people who just searched for your business name.


You might be thinking... Ya so what?  Don't I want to show my ads when someone searches for my furniture store by name?


NO,  you don't... And Here's Why. 


Let me just dive in and show you what I mean here. 


If you look at this image

you see the ad logo; where it used to say "Google Ad" in bigger letters, is now a small "Ad"..... nothing else tells the customer your ad is an ad.



So what right?  Well, keep reading....


This is what ads used to look like (10 years ago):



Then They Went To Something More Like This:


And now They Look Like This:


They Are Getting More And More "Organic" Looking.  

This Means Google Wants Your Ads To Look just like any other google search result. 


As google Continues to make ads look more like organic search results (which are free), you need to protect yourself.


For example: If you were targeting your own business name, let's say you own a furniture store, and you're targeting your name in your keywords (let's pretend your store's name is Fashion Furniture), You are probably wasting money on clicks.


Here is how it works:

You're targeting your name in your Google ads campaign because you want people to click on your ad  when they search for you company right?


That makes sense. 


BUT it is not needed in 2020.  In fact, in my opinion, it is a waste of money.




When Someone searches For Your Name in Google (for local businesses only)

you will have your website and your company Google My Business Listing Pop Up first. 


Like This Example:

If you are targeting your company name in Google Ads Your Ads will show above your website.  (See below)


Here is what Your Listing might look like to a person searching for your business name if you were running ads that targeted your business name in the keywords.

(I searched a local furniture store near me as an example)


If you have your company name in your keywords list like the above comapany does,  you are pushing your free, organic listing, down below your ads; probably costing yourself money..



People are more likely to click on your ad (which costs you money) then to click on your Google My Business Listing on the right or your website listing (which is free).


Now, if you do not target your company name in your keywords your FREE listings like your website and your Google My Business Page will be right at the top.  Forcing your potential customer to click on your free listings (not an ad).


Remember, this is only for searches that are your business name itself.  The thought is, if  someone is searching for your exact company name there is no need to show an ad, just let Google show your website. For Free!


Make sense?  


You rank at the top of every google search with your free listings; Stop wasting money on ads that show up when someone searched your business name!




If you want to showcase certain pages on your website (not just the homepage); for example, if you want to showcase a promotions page or a page showing living room sets on clearance, and you have a big Google Ads budget, you might want to target your company name in Google ads. 


If your site is brand new, Ads can be a great way to get traffic.  Running ads that target searches of your business name would be a good idea under this scenario.  Ads can help showcase your company right at the top of a Google Search.  Once your website starts ranking at the top of Google Searches on its own you should stop targeting your company name with Google ads.

I think, overall, targeting your company name is a waste of money; especially in 2020; where Google has decided to further make Google Ads Look Like free, organic listings. If people are searching you by name, they are already going to click on your website link.  There is no need to show them an ad; which costs you money!

BUT, everything is worth a test.  Give it a test.  My Advice, Dump all ads that target your company name and stick with ONLY targeting top keywords in your industry; you should test and see what works for you.


Good Luck!