OMM Podcast | H2e | Are Pinterest Ads Right For My Furniture Store?

OMM Podcast | H2e | Are Pinterest Ads Right For My Furniture Store?

Hey guys Marshall here from

Today I wanted to talk about furniture stores and Pinterest ads.

So if you don't own a furniture store today's podcast is not for you, but if you do listen up.

 I had a question from a furniture store client; they wanted to know are Pinterest ads right for me, what can I expect from Pinterest ads as far as results; just a few common questions like that.  

So I figured I'd come in here, cover it here pretty quickly in a Friday blog post and podcast, just to give you guys a heads up on what you can expect. 

So if you own a furniture store Pinterest ads are a good idea if you want to use them for brand awareness.

Getting your, you know, basic brand (name) out there.

Getting some product photos out there, starting to build your Pinterest presence.

It is a good long-term road for getting people to your site, but these are very low engaged people.

It's the right type of audience; women often make furniture buying decisions; and there are majority women on Pinterest, so it is definitely the right market, the right area to focus on.

But with the (Pinterest) ads they look Very organic when you see them in posts; and because of that, people are going to be less likely to click on them versus any other organic post;

as well, more likely to click on them versus an organic post.

What I mean is, there's not a high or low, they don't really stand out amongst all the hundreds of other organic posts that are going to pop up when somebody does a search on Pinteres.

So, long story short, are they right for your brand?

They are if you have a big enough budget and you can afford to do some brand awareness campaigning. 

Pinterest is perfect for it (brand awareness) because It's the right audience, they're very cheap clicks and you're able to get in front of a mass amount of people; even better once you finish running an ad, that ad will run forever, organically; after you stop running that ad.

So, after you stop paying money to present it (your ad) to people it'll still float out there in Pinterest and gain new traffic for you just like a Facebook post would if you boost it.

So, because it does that, that's fantastic for long-term growth; and if you spend maybe A year off and on, of advertising through Pinterest, you can expect a good steady flow of maybe you know, a few hundred people a month, from Pinterest, in organic traffic, years down the road.

So, spend a year advertising on the platform, expect a few years return out of it; because all those posts are gonna sit out there, organically, after you're done running ads to them.

If you don't have the budget for it (brand awareness) I'd stay away from Pinterest.

It can definitely burn through your budget, excuse me, your pay-per-click budget. 

So stay away if you don't have the budget, if you're not focusing on brand awareness.

If you do have the budget and you want to test it out, (remember that this is) very top of funnel stuff, so don't expect sales; don't expect big results; just expect that it's a long-term play; and over time you'll start to build up a steady flow of traffic to your site.

That's it. I'll wrap this one up quickly happy Friday everybody and always check out for all of our helpful guides and tutorials.

If you have any questions, email me anytime, 

Hit me up in the show notes or give me a shout on Facebook through messenger, thanks guys! Have a great weekend!


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