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Why Facebook and Instagram Shops Are A Must in 2021



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-podcast transcript-

Hello, everyone. Marshall here from how2ecommerce.com, thanks for joining me, for another One Minute Marketer Podcast. As it said in the intro, today, we're talking about Facebook and Instagram shops. You have probably heard about them. If you haven't, you're living under a rock or you're with the Google founder on his own private island. 

If you have heard of Facebook and Instagram shops, but you don't have them setup yet, and you're selling physical products, you're making a mistake, you're behind the times; get off your butt, get out there and create a shop on both platforms. Right away!

 Why? Well, the short of it is Facebook wants to get credit card processing fees. 

“He who collects the most credit card processing fees makes the most money!”

Facebook is trying to be a bank. You can see them starting to allow payments through messenger, whatsapp and a few other platforms.  

They're trying to make it very simple to collect more money from you. They've already got a ton of money, but ads revenue just isn’t cutting it anymore. They want credit card processing fees from your business. 

BUT → For you, as a small business, this could be a great thing….. If you have an Instagram and Facebook Shop!

What You Should Do

So, first step, you’ll want to get a shop running, get it set up with your best products and get boogie’n on the selling! Simple as that!

Up For A Little Live Selling?

** And as I've talked about before, get to live selling if you are up for it; especially on YouTube, live selling is going to be huge; live selling on Facebook is also going to be huge in 2021, so if you can sell in a live stream, expect to get a ton of traffic quick!

What is live selling (start a live stream on your favorite video channel (YouTube or Facebook)  and start selling like you work at QVC!


*** Get up to about 10,000 followers before expecting a ton of sales from your following (from free traffic).  Once you hit 10k on any one platform you should expect daily sales (of most items) through your Facebook and Instagram Shops.

** Something to Think About For The Future →  Once you get to 10k followers you can start monetizing (getting paid for) your posts direct from Facebook. 

Now, Back To The Plan

So today, right now, get Facebook and Instagram shops, get those up first; and why? Again, because Facebook said, hey look, we want to be the payment processor of the world, so, we will make selling on our platform incredibly easy for you.

And as a business we should comply and say ‘Thanks!,’ I guess… They are still taking a fee after all. But in return they (Facebook and Instagram) will promote your page and posts more often (and for free) In the suggested pages section, the news feeds and the suggested products section of messenger and marketplace.  And you’ll be able to showcase your products in a pretty cool looking shop; right inside Facebook and Instagram.

**As of today, Facebook and Instagram are not charging a fee yet because you’ll need to use your website to have the customer checkout.  BUT, expect to be charged soon… The benefit though (of being charged) is that we will soon be able to have our customers checkout right on Facebook and instagram (some of you might already have this option rolling out).

As You continue to sell and grow online Facebook and instagram will start showing your social media posts, your shop and even your page more often than your competition who does not have a shop.  Just make sure you tag your products from your shop, so your followers will be able to see them, click on them, and hopefully buy them!

If you put the shops up now you have a good chance of just hitting it out of the park for the 2021 Christmas season. Because your shop's already rolling, by the time Christmas gets around (Christmas buying meaning October, November and December), fingers crossed, Facebook will see your shop as established; hopefully promoting your shop for free in the suggested pages and products sections.  Start Now and you might just beat the competition this Christmas!

*** Get The More In Depth Version of This Blog in The Podcast (above)

Good luck selling. Have a great day!