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Let's Talk Google Ads For Small Business……

Google ads Can be an amazingly effective way to get in front of thousands of potential visitors; all for a fraction of the cost of some other print and traditional advertising means.



Google Ads Allows You To 

  • Retarget Past Visitors
  • Target New Traffic in your area
  • Target People who visit certain locations (like the zoo, a hotel near you, your competition!)
  • Target people who want your specific brand.

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About My Google Ads Service and the power of Google ads for Business.

If you need to hire a Google ads expert consider me or one of my approved contractors in your area.  

I offer the below services to all of my Google Ads Clients. 

If You Have Further Questions Give Me A Shout Now Through The Instant Message Button (Blue Button At The Bottom Of Your Screen.




If Any Of The Below Sounds Like You We Should Chat Now About Getting Google Ads To Work For Your Brand.


  • You Need Someone To Manage Your Google Ads Responsibly Without Wasting Your Money!

  • You Need To Start A Brand New Google Ads Campaign And Have No Idea Where To Start.

  • You Need To Get Traffic Into Your Local Store

  • You Need Someone To Give You Daily Reports On

    • Spend,
    • Number Of Clicks,
    • Pages Visited,
    • What Ads Are Working And Which Are Dudds.


The Struggle To Unlock The True Power Of Google Ads Is Real For A Lot of Small Business Owners, So Don't Fret!




If You Need Someone To:

  • Setup Your Google Ads Campaign Structure With A Winning Strategy
  • Create Engaging Ads That Bring In Qualified Customers
  • Give You Daily Reports And Feedback.
  • Daily Management Of Your Ads; I Cut The Bad Ads And Scale Up Good Ones!
  • Cut Bad Keywords Daily
  • And Generally Just Kick Butt With Your Marketing!



You Have Come To The Right Place!




What You Get With Your First Month Payment:



First 10 days of your Services:


  • An Audit Of Your Site And Current Marketing & Change Request Checklist For Your Site

    • Maybe You Have Some Things That Need To Be Updated On Your Site To Make Sure Your Ads Have The Best Chance At Success.  Maybe You Have No Idea Whether Or Not Your Site Is Ready For Ads.
    • I Will Review Your Site And Get A List Of Changes I Recommend Into A Complete Pdf Checklist.  I Will Send That Over To You Via Email Once It Is Complete.
    • You Can Review The List On Your Own Time.  We Will Then Go Over The List During Our First Kick Off Meeting. (See Below For More Information On The Meeting)



  • Current Ad Account Review & Campaign Setup As Needed

    • I Will Setup Your Ads Account to precisely match your goals; and Google best practices
    •  If You Already Have Accounts Setup, I will Review Your Current Setup For Errors and correct them as needed.



  • Ads Creation 

    • I Will Create All Ads Or Insert Any Ad Ideas Already Created by you.  I Will Also Setup All Campaigns And Adsets Ahead Of Launch.



  • Competitor Review

    • I will completely review your top competitors. This includes their current ads, their overall marketing strategy, their positioning in the market and what they are not doing right. 



  • Industry Review

    •  I review your industry for top trends, viral content and anything that might stand out to your audience. I also look at what is missing which current customers are asking for. 


**Everything You Need To Get Ads Ready To Launch Will Be Setup By Me.




Once Your Google Ads Campaigns Have Launched….

  • Daily Ad Reports Via Email

    • Once Ads Are Launched You Will Receive Daily Ads Reporting Via Email.
      • It Will Include:
        • Daily Ad Spend (Budget Spent)
        • Daily Clicks
        • Ctr
        • Best Ads
        • And More.
      • **Reporting Metrics May Change Over Time As I See Fit.
      •  If You Would Like To Include A Specific Metric Into Your Daily Reports, Just Let Me Know. I Am Happy To Adapt Them



    • Daily Campaign Optimization

      • I will review your account daily for optimization opportunities. This will include but is not limited to:
        • Cutting bad keywords and adding them to the negative keywords list
        • Add new keywords based on past search terms 
  • (search terms = past search terms used by google searchers looking for services/products you offer.)
          • Cutting underperforming ads and adding new approved by you ads



        • End Of The Month Wrap Up Report.

      • Each Month I Will Provide A Summary Wrap Up Report.  It Will Look Back At The Past 30 Days Of Ads.  I Will Include:
            •  My Recommendations For The Next 30 Days Of Marketing
            • Content Marketing Ideas
            • Top Ads Over The Last 30 Days
            • My Thoughts On Our Past 30 Days Of Performance. 





        Month 1 Estimated Timeline

        Week 1
        • Stage 1 - Onsite Audit, Checklist Creation, Keyword List Build, Competitor Research

          • I Will Review Your Site To See What Can Improve Before We Spend Money On Ads.
          • I Will Create Your Full Changes Checklist Of Needed Onsite Changes.
          • I Will Review Your Competition And Your Current Industry For Ad Ideas, Key Sales Points And Further Insight.
          • I Will Then Develop A Keyword List Of Recommend Starter Keywords & A Negative Keyword List Of Keywords I Think We Should Avoid.

          • Stage 2 - Setup & Changes Work

            • Client Work (That Is You):

              • You Will Need To Complete The Agreed Upon Changes List Before We Can Launch Ads

            • My Work:

              • Review Your Current Google Ads Account,

              • Setup A New Ads Account If Needed,

              • Create Campaigns

              • Create All Ads.

          • Stage 3 - Pre-Launch Meeting
            • Once The Above Work Is Complete And All Campaigns And Ads Are Ready To Go I Will Ask You To Log Into The Google Ads Account And Review The Ads I Have Created.  You Can Cut Any Ads You Do Not Like.
            • I will email your keywords list & a list of ads I need your approval on.
            • We will Then have a conference call to review all lists of keywords and ads
              • We Will decide which ads and keywords to use in our first launch during this meeting.



        The Above Timeframe Is Flexible.  You Will Receive 30 Full Days Of Active Ads Management on top of the setup time.




         If It Takes Two Weeks For Your Team To Make The Onsite Changes Don’t Worry; I Still Give You 30 Days Of Active Ads Management With That Month 1 Payment. 





        Timeline Continued | Month 2 And Beyond

          • Stage 4 - 30 Days Of Daily Ads Management
        • Each Day I Will Review Ads First Thing In The Morning And,
            • Cut Bad Keywords That Came In Over The Last 24 Hours
            • Add Good Keywords To Our Keywords List
            • Add Negative Keywords To The Negative Keywords List
              • Cut Underperforming Ads
              • Add New Ads To Test
              • Optimize Retargeting
              • Adjust Location Targeting
              • Adjust Bid Optimizations,
              • Review Google Analytics For Optimization Insights & Opportunities.
              • And A Ton More!
                • You Will Also Receive A Daily Ads Report, Emailed To You Via Google Data Studio.



              • Stage 5 Wrap Up And Review

                • At The End Of 30 Days Of Live Ads You Will Receive:
                  • A Complete Wrap Up Report (See Above Deliverables For More Info.)


                **I Will Be Working Daily Within Your Ad Account To Make Sure We Are Optimized For Success. 

                **I Will Be Sending A daily Report & A Monthly Report; This way You Can Track Results, My Work, And Progress Of Our Campaigns. 



                Pricing & Payment

                Startup & Month 1 Payment: Must Be Paid Before We Begin.

                Payment Terms

                Payment To Start Setup And For Month 1 Of Services Will Be Made On Day One Of Service.  This Payment Will Be Seen As Acceptance Of This Contract. 

                Payment Amount

                Startup Payment & 30 Days Of Live Ads (month 1 payment) → 20% of estimated adspend Plus $100 Reporting Setup and Account Setup Fee.

                Month 2 → 30 Days Of Live Ads Management → 20% of last month's adspend Plus $100 for reporting tools and services


                My Money Back Guarantee

                I Offer A Money Back Guarantee If:

                • I Fail To Provide The Deliverables Listed Above For Any Reason.  

                I Do Not Give Refunds In Any Form Based On Ads Results; Results Include But Are Not Limited To Sales, Ad Reach, Ad Performance, Website Visits.

                If You Would Like To Cancel Service For Any Reason You May.  

                To Cancel:

                1. Simply Email Me That You Would Like To Cancel Service.
                2. I Will Divide Your Monthly Fee By 30 To Get Your Average Daily Rate. 

                When Will You Recieve Your Refund?

                1. I Will Refund You, Within 20 Business Days Of Your Request. 

                How Much Will You Receive As A Refund?

                  • Your Full Monthly Fees Minus Your Average Daily Rate For Each Day Of Service Already Rendered In The Month Will Be Paid Out To You.
                    • For Example.. If You Have A Monthly Service Fee Of $1000 A Month And You Cancel 10 Days Into The Month I Would Divide The $1000 Monthly Fee By 30 Then Send You The Remainder Of That $1000 Minus 10 Days Of Service. ($1000/30 Days = $33. 10 Days Of Service X That $33 = 330; You Would Receive As A Refund, $670; Which Is $1000 - $330) 


                    Ready To Hire A Google Ads Expert?



                    Next Steps

                    1. Message me now (blue button at the bottom of your screen) to talk more about your goals.
                    2. Once we chat and you are ready to go ahead with month 1 you can purchase month 1 through an invoice. (sent via email)
                    3. I will confirm receipt of payment via email instantly after purchase.
                    4. I will email within an hour to let you know you are on the schedule and to give you a start date for the project.  I can start on most projects within 24 hours of your first payment.
                    5. Next → Please Send Me The Needed Invites (See Next Section Below)
                    6. I Will Begin Work Within 24 Hours Of Payment Or By The Next Business Day; If It Is A Weekend.



                    Invites & Additional Documents Needed

                  1. An Invite To Your Google Analytics Account. 
                  2. (Use My Personal Email Alpinestars1234@Gmail.Com )
                  3. An Invite To Your Google Ads Account
                  4. (Use My Personal Email Alpinestars1234@Gmail.Com )



                    If You Have Any Questions I Am Just an Email or messenger chat Away.  Thanks Again!



                    Marshall Garth


                    Work Email: Marshall@How2ecommerce.Com

                    Personal Email: Alpinestars1234@Gmail.Com

                    Or message me instantly to chat now

                    (blue chat button below)