MiniScout Case Study

Small budget, single mom start ups; husband and wife teams; single 20 or 30 somethings running a local service business; you all deserve success in business and in life.


I doubt you came to this article because you really care much about the brand in this case study.  The real truth is, most of us read case studies to see how we can transfer what worked for one company to our own.  I think you'll find this case study extremely helpful if you are a small budget startup; eCommerce or service business.


Who am I and What is

The road to profit can be soul crushingly tough at times.  I get it.  It is the whole reason I focus on small business companies.

My Name is Marshall. I am a small business owner myself. I run as a way to educate small business owners about the best strategies and tools for Facebook ads.   I also serve a small client base with Facebook ads consultation, ECommerce strategy consultation and a host of other eCommerce paid and organic marketing services. 


Who is The Client and Subject of This Case Study

Miniscout; the best baby blanket company on the planet, is a small business client just like you. They are a fantastic brand who started with just one employee.  Fast forward a few years and they have a great following on social with daily sales improving week over week.  They sell blankets and crib sheets online; across several platforms.

They built their following by promoting great products, messages, cute images and just about anything else they thought their audience might love.  

Really,  they would have been great to keep growing; but they wanted to break into Facebook ads; an untapped market for them.  They had a great following, but they had never run very successful cold traffic Facebook ads.


IN FACT, most of my clients need help turning losing Facebook campaigns into winning, profitable, ads strategies. The secret for most small budget, startup brands is cold traffic campaigns won't work because they require a large budget to test and make profitable; retargeting campaigns is where the money is!


Why Retargeting Ads?

They are cheap, they help you get sales right away and you can run them on a very small budget.

You can target people who added to cart or abandoned checkout; you can even run a giveaway ad direct to people who viewed your product then bailed out. 

The next time they visit Facebook (after they visit your site) they will see the giveaway for the same product they viewed on your site!  Pretty cool right?


The Case Study Final Results



How Can You Replicate These Same Results For Your Business?


Most e-commerce brands start out with Facebook ads too soon. It's not that you can't run Facebook ads right away but, in most cases you shouldn't run direct product ads right away. Unless you have a huge following it is a good idea to start out by advertising some great content first. This could be blog articles or videos; anything you think your brand might be interested in. Develop a following of at least a few thousand people, then start testing products on your store.

If you want to learn step by step how I built a winning retargeting strategy for Miniscout, check out my Step By Step Retargeting Guide Article Here


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