How To Create A Business Manager And Facebook Page.

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Here's a Quick recap of How To Setup Your Brand New Business Manager Account. This is the first step in your journey to successful Facebook ads. 

Here are the basic steps before you run your first Facebook Ads

  1. Setup your business manager account
  2. Setup Your Ads Account
  3. Setup Your Pixel
  4. Setup Your First Level of custom audiences
  5. Map out your ads and marketing strategy
  6. Run those Facebook ads!




Setup Business Manager

  • Go to and select Create Account

  • Enter your name and confirm your identity with Facebook login credentials.

  • Follow the prompts to create your business account.


Assign Authorized Agents

  • Go to Settings - People and Assets - People.
  • Assign authorized agents to Ad Accounts and Pages with the appropriate role permissions.


Connect Instagram Account (optional)

  • Go to Business Settings - Instagram Accounts to connect any Instagram business accounts.
    • Add at least two people as Business Manager Admins, and add the rest as Business Manager Employees.


Claim Your Facebook Page (Add It To Business Manager)

  • Go to Pages - Add New Pages - Claim a Page to connect your Facebook Page. If you are a Page Admin your claim will be instantly approved. If you are not a Page Admin, a notification to approve the claim request will be sent to current Page Admin.


Create New Ad Account

  • Go to Ad Accounts - Add new ad account. You will have the access to add an account you own by supplying the ad account ID, or request access to use another Business Manager owned ad account. Ad account should be owned by the entity that pays invoices.




Assign Access Levels Across Your Team

  • Business Admins-Business Admins can control all aspects of Business Manager, including adding or removing people form the employee list and modifying or deleting the business.




Setting up payment methods

  • Payment methods are required to create ads on Facebook. Follow these steps for assigning payment methods when you first set up your Business Manager.
  • Add the payment methods you want to use in Business Settings - Payments - Add Payment Method.
    • If you are eligible for a line of credit, check if your credit line is available in Business Manager. You can do this by reaching out to your Facebook sales rep or by visiting and selecting the Billing And Payments topic.



Define Permissions Levels in The Finance Roles Section. 

Choose Finance Editor for those who will need to access credit lines or invoice details, and choose Finance Analyst for those who will only need to view the information.
  • Go to Business Manager - People and select the person who needs the role.
  • Select the edit icon next to the person's name. In the dialog box under Finance Role, make the appropriate selection.
  • Update email addresses that need to receive invoices in Payments - Account Credit - Invoice Emails.
  • View Unpaid Delivery (balance) of credit line and general health in Settings - Payments.
  • Share your credit line to other Business Managers that need to access it, such as agencies.



Your Next steps will be setting up a pixel.

Learn What a pixel is Here

Learn more about setting up your pixel here. 

Sometimes it takes an hour or two for Facebook to finish setup; sometimes things are setup instantly.